LC3’s Theory of Change (Visual)

LC3 Theory of Change

What is our Theory of Change?

LC3’s Theory of Change (ToC) illustrates the impact that the LC3 Network aims to achieve, the process through which we intend to work towards that impact, and the underlying assumptions. The ToC clarifies LC3’s unique role within a broader ecosystem of stakeholders, change agents, and the communities it serves, and identifies how these stakeholders have a role to play to achieve LC3’s vision for Canadian communities. The ToC also introduces LC3’s Performance Measurement Framework, which serves to:

1) measure progress towards our vision and assess our long-term impact;

2) provide insights into the effectiveness of the Network’s principles, approaches and activities; and

3) continuously improve our strategies and drive innovation through learning and adaptive management.

→ Looking for more details? See the LC3 Theory of Change explainer text here.